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NuView Life Sciences Provides Corporate Update on NV-VPAC1 Theranostic for Breast Cancer

By October 5, 2022October 10th, 2022No Comments

Developing a Novel Approach for the Future of Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

PARK CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2022 / NuView Life Sciences, Inc (“NuView”, the “company”), is a clinical stage precision oncology company focusing on innovative approaches, such as theranostics, to diagnose and treat cancer. The field of theranostics, combines molecular imaging (PET, PET/CT, PET/MRI) with targeted radionuclide therapy, which involves the use of small molecules, peptides, and/or antibodies for targeted delivery of therapeutic radionuclides. The exponential, global expansion of theranostics in oncology stems from its potential to target and eliminate tumor cells with minimal adverse effects, resulting in a mechanism of action that differs distinctly from that of most other systemic therapies.

NuView is leveraging its clinical stage small molecule, NV-VPAC1, to advance its unique theranostic technology for precision diagnostics and targeted therapy. NV-VPAC1 binds directly to VPAC1 receptors found in high densities in breast cancer tumors. Since VPAC1 is overexpressed on estrogen-dependent and independent mechanisms of human breast cancer cells, NV-VPAC1 can target many different forms of breast cancer.