Why Research for New Diagnostics?

Precision medicine

As healthcare consumers become more educated, it’s not enough for companies to promise results based on one-size-fits-all approaches to diagnosis and treatment. Taking a tailored approach to identifying and treating an individual’s cancer positions NuView Life Sciences as a compassionate, dedicated company concerned with the welfare of each individual.

Technological advances

Currently, treatments for cancer include whole-body use of cytotoxic treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, which indiscriminately destroy all cells that they come in contact with…including normal, healthy cells. The value NV-VPAC1TM brings to the treatment arena cannot be understated in that the technology could allow for targeted treatments that only affect malignant cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

Improvement to the patient experience

It takes a lot of effort to diagnose cancer currently. Patients typically undergo several invasive, painful diagnostic procedures that are not always totally accurate or necessary. NuView Life Sciences stands ready to change this with their unique approach to finding cancer quickly and more easily than today’s standard diagnostic tools.

Cost Savings

Cancer is one of the most financially devastating diseases a person can get. Current diagnostic tests are expensive, and patients usually undergo several tests to diagnose their specific cancer before ever receiving treatment. The cost of cancer treatment, including prescription medication, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery continues to increase every year. Better diagnostic capabilities and targeted treatments appropriate to individual patients will help reduce costs to both patients and third-party insurance payers in the coming years.