VPAC1 Targeted 64Cu-TP3805 Positron Emission Tomography Imaging of Prostate Cancer: Preliminary Evaluation in Man

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The feasibility study of 25 patients who underwent PET imaging, 212 prostate gland lesions had SUVmax > 1.0 vs 127 lesions identified by histology of biopsy tissues. The status of the additional 85 PET identified prostate lesions remains to be determined. In 68 histologic slides from 6 PET imaged patients, DAR (Digital Autoradiography) identified 105 of 107 PC foci, 19 of 19 high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasias, and ejaculatory ducts and verumontanum involved with cancer. Additionally, DAR found 9 PC lesions not previously identified histologically. The positive and negative lymph nodes were correctly identified, and in 3 of 3 benign prostatic hyperplasia patients and 5 of 5 cysts, DAR was negative.

This study demonstrated that 64Cu-TP3805 delineates PC in vivo and ex vivo, provided normal images for benign masses, and is worthy of further studies.

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